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A lover and explorer of the medicine of music and movement, Savanna crafts her multidisciplinary approaches to deliver soulful productions. Her music and lyrics introduce meditative concepts aimed to inspire contemplation, introspection and honest expression. With a deep respect for the cyclical patterns of nature, her music bows to the elemental kingdom and our relationship with the natural world.

In flow with her sonic creations, her movement practices are inspired by the elements and an inner examination, returning us to our instinctual, intuitive essence.

Living from the Heart

an ethereal expression.

a commentary on human evolution in sonic form. 

how do you choose to live with The Void ?

Move With Me


I currently offering private yoga, movement and voice sessions in Vancouver, Canada.

Join me for Saturday morning Beginners Yoga at the West Vancouver Community Centre in the Ocean Room at 9:15am.

Upcoming Special Events:

Grand Opening Evening of Yoga Love in Squamish, BC. I’ll be leading Kirtan, meditation and prayer to bless the birth of this new space! January 18th, 7pm at 38134 Cleveland Avenue, Squamish

Other offerings include ::

Yoga + Meditation:

Through the synchronization of movement and breath, we find ourselves grounding deeply into the heart.

Allow me to guide you through a Hatha-style class – suited to your desire and degree of experience. I aim to challenge you while also providing room for relaxation, expansion and laughter!

Kirtan Concerts + Sound Meditation: 

I am humbled and honoured to be able to share my gift of song with those who feel drawn to communing in prayer. Through creating a space for collective meditation and heightened awareness, I aim to facilitate heart-opening experiences through music.

Vocal Meditation:

In individual sessions, I aim to assist you in finding your centre and opening your voice. Through meditating on the heart and throat chakras we can become more in-touch with our true voice – allowing for song to flow through you. The effects of this practice may also affect many aspects of your life, bringing honesty, integrity and harmony into your everyday encounters.

Any community gatherings will be posted on this page as they arise.

For more information, please contact me via email or though my “Contact Me” page:


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