The Flight 

Stepping away from fear can, in itself, cause feelings of fear. Just breathe through it. 

My own experience reflects the comfort that I’ve  found in habitual patterns of behaviour and thoughts. Challenging these patterns takes patience, courage and persistence. But oh, how easy it is and would continue to be if I were to just sit in the routine, stay in that which is known, rest in the mud. 

Yet, it seems that this option exists only in my mind. My body is far more proactive and pushes me to take the leap. My body tells me when to move, and I’ve slowly become better at listening, listening and then taking action. My body says that the time is now. She seems to scream “Move b*tch, get out of your own way!” 
So, as I sit here in the Vancouver international airport, my ticket to New Delhi trembles in my hands. I breathe deeply and soothe my nerves with words of encouragement “on the other side of fear, there are endless possibilities”. 

It’s time to stretch out and fly; burst open and blossom.

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