Most Delicious Pleasures

I tiptoe over the frozen deck, every cell in my body is moving forward and I’m outside before my brain catches up with the plan. Pulling my sweater sleeves down to cover my hands, I hoist myself up onto the frost-bitten railing. I seat myself in the West corner, where the Sun is shining brightly, kissing passionately, calling me to uncover my chest and allow His light to enter.

Living on the West Coast of Canada, we often forget what “real” winter is like. Usually jeans, boots and a light jacket will do, but theres been a cold snap in the past few days which has caught us all off guard. The frost alone is a surprise, one that I am grateful for as it gleams and glistens on this fresh morning.

From where I sit, I can see the ocean and the jewels of the coastline – the Gulf Islands. Low-lying, whispy clouds hang above them and I try determine how long we’ve got here on the Mainland before they come rolling in. How many more moments of Sun before the rain showers down onto the forests behind and all around me? How much time do I have to run up into the mountains, seeking semi-dry firewood? These are questions that one asks when living in a Rainforest.

But then I steady myself. I remind myself to just Be. Be in this moment. I savour this sunshine, I let it permeate my skin – let it sink deeper – let my cells dance in gratitude and joy for this sweet, sweet warmth – I can feel their excitement buzzing over my heart and across my eyelids.

If theres Sun, it’s a very special day. It’s a day to put aside the mundane chores that can be happily done beneath the showers of rain.

I make a conscious decision – today is a Celebration. Today is for flowing down to the Ocean and breathing salt air. Today is for gliding up into the Mountains and basking in the beauty of the freshly fallen snow set against the blue, blue Sky.

Today is for gratitude in all the simplest, smallest, most delicious forms.

Today is for the eagle’s cry.

Tonight is for the coyote’s howl.


Thats it.




Photo by Jan Colango @jncve

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