The Art of Moving Freely



This July 1st really meant something to me.

I paid rent to the same human, for the 6th consecutive month.

This marked a milestone :: 6 months in the same home, for the first time in 5 years.

It’s been 5 years of change, movement, learning, growth, unfolding, breaking down, escaping, exhilarating beauty, all kinds of employment and incredible humans.

Of learning to navigate my way through grief and depression.
Of gaining perspective of my own mental patterning and the way in which the pathos of intergenerational trauma has woven its way into My River.
Its been 5 years of emptying.
Its been 5 years of filling up.

Its been 5 years of refining the art of moving freely.

…of tasting, enjoying, savouring every flavour.

I’ve been unbounded.
I’ve let some people down.
I’ve walked away from intimacy and partnership.
I’ve come closer to knowing myself.
I’ve found a deep space of Love in my belly.
I’ve discovered the depths of my laughter.
I’ve learnt a great deal.
And now, suddenly, I’m creating stillness.

I’m creating opportunities to be seen, to be witnessed and held.

It has now, gently and slowly, come time to rise to the occasion of my Life and the brilliance of the gifts that I’ve been granted.

And now, I’m grateful to have a home – a kitchen to clean and a garden to weed. I’m nesting; preparing for this wild creation of this next chapter of my life that I’m birthing. We are deep in gestation.

And it feels good.
Music is being written.
The instrument that is my body is being refined – purified and strengthened.

My voice is being trained daily, with dedication and devotion.

So, to celebrate this 6 month mark in my own comical way, I went far out into the woods and slept beneath the stars with the animals.


And now, back home to this cozy spot on my bedroom floor, this spot that is always here for me.
And now, into the Flow of living out my Dharma.
With gratitude.
If you’re in Vancouver this upcoming weekend, join me:
Sound Meditation
July 14th, 7-9pm
Maa Yoga, North Vancouver





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