The Muse

Sometimes She arrives as a faint and subtle whisper. Most times She comes as a wild roar, hurling herself towards me, urging me to wake up, to write, to sing, to paint, to dance. This great force of Feminine comes rushing through me and suddenly, I find myself in action, making grand brushstrokes and taking [...]

steady and slow.

Its been a while. ... a long while since I last posted anything here. 5 months? Life has been flowing - there have been highs, there have been lows. There has been great discovery and devastation. I have been building, steady and slow. One day at a time, tending to the seeds that I have [...]

Most Delicious Pleasures

I tiptoe over the frozen deck, every cell in my body is moving forward and I'm outside before my brain catches up with the plan. Pulling my sweater sleeves down to cover my hands, I hoist myself up onto the frost-bitten railing. I seat myself in the West corner, where the Sun is shining brightly, [...]