Move With Me

Join me every Tuesday at 11am at Maa Yoga, in North Vancouver, for a “Gentle Movement” class.

In this class I explore the collective works of Thomas Hanna and Moshe Feldenkrais, commonly known as Somatic Healing. Through neuromuscular exercises that engage sensory motor training we learn to unlock and re-pattern the way in which the body moves. The somatic nervous system is thus worked upon to release chronic muscular tension, relieve chronic and acute pain, enhance sensory awareness, improve posture and expand our range of motion.

This class also includes meditation, breathing techniques, chanting and relaxation.


I am also currently offering private yoga, movement and voice sessions in Vancouver, Canada.


Yoga + Meditation:

Through the synchronization of movement and breath, we find ourselves grounding deeply into the heart.

Allow me to guide you through a Hatha-style class – suited to your desire and degree of experience. I aim to challenge you while also providing room for relaxation, expansion and laughter!


Kirtan Concerts + Sound Meditation: 

I am humbled and honoured to be able to share my gift of song with those who feel drawn to communing in prayer. Through creating a space for collective meditation and heightened awareness, I aim to facilitate heart-opening experiences through music.


Vocal Meditation:

In individual sessions, I aim to assist you in finding your centre and opening your voice. Through meditating on the heart and throat chakras we can become more in-touch with our true voice – allowing for song to flow through you. The effects of this practice may also affect many aspects of your life, bringing honesty, integrity and harmony into your everyday encounters.



Any community gatherings will be posted on this page as they arise.

For more information, please contact me via email or though my “Contact Me” page:



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